Customized Size Crystal Keychain

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Charming and useful for all key chains, 2D crystal keychain are always unique and stunning. With the ability to personalize a crystal photo in any color of your choosing. The stunning crystal keychain is always an original and thoughtful gift sure to please anybody you gift it too. Available in a wide range of crystal colors and shapes, from clear and frosted to silver and gold, these crystal photo gifts will add some sparkle to any accessory. A personalized crystal photo is always a great way to show someone you care about them, but more importantly – their individuality.

To ensure complete safety, order with the SecurePay option. This secure payment option provides protection against fraud and misuse. SecurePay works with top quality online secure payment processors like PayPal and Paydotcom, and the digital image of your crystal key chain will be safely protected during the transaction. With SecurePay, your crystal key chain is guaranteed to arrive safely and on time, with a professional and elegant packaging type.

You can also have your crystal photo added to a keychain with an engraved design. Engraving your engraved crystal photo, or photos of special occasions, on a sterling silver or stainless steel keychain adds flair. An engraving job is quick and easy, and the photo images will appear just as they did when you first took them. An engraved keychain looks extra special and is perfect for the person who loves to collect crystal key chains. These engraved photo gifts are a real keepsake, something to treasure for years to come.

To personalize your crystal keychain, or create a “one of a kind” piece, you may choose to have the image added to your metal chain by having it engraved or by having it imprinted with a special laser engraving. You can either have the laser engraved into your metal chain, or you can choose to have the photo placed upon a special plastic disc that is then attached to the chain with clasps. Both options are safe and convenient ways to personalize your customized size crystal keychain.

If you prefer to have your photo placed upon a disc that can be attached to your neck or wrist, you might prefer to order a customized size crystal photo disc. Ordering this option will result in the metal chain’s dimensions being altered to fit your personalized photo. When placing your custom order, remember that the back of the disc should be clear of any characters or logos so that your photo appears as it appears in its original form. If your customized photo disc is transparent, you might need to order a colored disc, or make other arrangements for the disc to fit onto your chain.

These types of photo keychain accessories are great gifts for your friends, family members, or co-workers. If you are ordering a photo disc, you can either have it professionally imprinted or you can use your own photos. Personalized photo keychains, when done professionally, look even more like a real crystal in the end. If you prefer to do it yourself, there are many templates available on the Internet that allow you to print your own photo keychain, or purchase a pre-formatted photo disc from an online retailer.

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